Calgary Sod Prosis your source for Quality AAA Kentucky Blue Grass, whether you need our experts to provide sod installation services or want to place an order for Sod and get in depth installation instructions. We are the company your looking for. Our experts have tackled new installation to turf replacement. Offering full backyard packages including fencing, irrigation, and landscape services tree installation etc...

All our sod is guaranteed to be fresh, same day delivery - Blue Grass Premium Sod is grown from a registered blend made up of 80% Kentucky Blue Grass and 20% Creeping Red Fescue. Our sod grows on the sod farm fields for a full two years before being harvested. This ensures fullness and great root development allowing the grass to re-establish quickly after installation.

Quality materials, workmanship, and unbeatable pricing.

Whether the project is to revitalize a yard, to a fresh project...Calgary Sod Pros is the answer.

Calgary Sod Pros provides innovative sod installation, repair, sales, and delivery solutions that address evolving needs of homeowners and property managers/owners.

Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta- Calgary Sod Pros is a member of Dunn Wright Group Corp which offers a diversified portfolio from construction- and lives by the principles of “quality without the price-tag”

Our interactive website can provide you with an estimate online! Just enter the dimensions, to our Free Calgary Sod Pros Calculator.

Sod Installation

Don’t want to tackle your sodding project yourself? With years of experience, Calgary Sod Pros can take care of all your installation needs from sports fields to repairing backyards, no job is too big or too small.

Because every job is unique there are many factors that will determine the cost of installation. Call Calgary Sod Pros to have an installation specialist meet with you for a free consultation. We will meet with you, walk your property and determine your needs.

Sod Replacement

Every homeowner who's pushed a lawnmower knows that grass needs periodic care. Even so, the best-kept yards develop problems.

Installing a sod lawn has several advantages over growing grass seed. Seeding the soil and growing is a process taking time, patience, and a lot of tender loving care – vs. – getting instant satisfaction by installing a sod lawn.


Part of a successful lawn is a watering plan, installing an irrigation system ensures your lawn gets the water it needs without you standing out there with a hose for hours on time wasting precious water- an irrigation system will provide you water savings because it targets areas providing enough water and not too much water. Making your lawn happy and your wallet.

Green and Healthy Turf in 2 Weeks
Maintaining a mature healthy lawn vs. nursing an aging problematic turf is easier on your back- and will get your neighbors wondering how you did it. Once our experienced installers finish, all you have to do is water- no fertilizer, no aerating, no raking, no pesky dandelions- instant healthy green grass in 2 weeks.